Our Team


Jennifer Fresard

Owner, Visionary

DreamBuilder, was realized by Jennifer Fresard as a natural off-shoot of her quest to catalyze small businesses and take them to the next level. “I woke up one morning and realized that I had much more fun building other people’s dreams, verses sweating what I thought was mine in the culinary industry. DreamBuilder is a testiment to the old adage that ‘if you do what you love, the rest takes care of itself.’ I guess you could say my dream was to be a DreamBuilder.”

Taking a client on a journey of self-actualization and personal fulfillment is a tremendously rewarding experience. So many ideas, and colors, and words, and forms and potential–so much passion. Unfortunately, many a dream has fallen by the wayside not because the idea didn’t have merit, but because the dreamer wasn’t a builder. The high’s of the dream generation stage are very often followed up by the dreamer going into a state of being anxiously overwhelmed, which is then quickly followed up by a state of permanent paralysis. Dreamers without a builder remain just that, a dreamer.

This is all understandable, as successfully applying techniques in the dynamic world of new wave marketing channels is a daunting undertaking. DreamBuilder will keep your dream a reality through our comprehensive understanding of the world of the digital marketing world.


Michelle Balaun

Magic Message Maker

From the Motor City to the Rubber Capital….. collaboration makes things work! DreamBulider and the Magic Message Maker, sounds like a 60’s album but in reality it is Michelle Balaun and myself working together to build and create branding campaigns that are sexy and fun.

Just like all those sexy shiny cars that rolled out of the factories in Detroit on those Akron made tires, Michelle and I roll out sexy shiny websites that have something more, that out of the box feeling. Our collaboration and independent businesses have the flexibility and response time that our customers need. Find out more about Michelle at michellebalaun.com

Jeffrey Adik

Cheif Technology Officer

Chief Wizard & Master Technologist If Dreambuilder were to exist in the land of Oz, I would be sure to introduce Jeffrey as the Wizard of Oz.. As it stands, he is Dreambuilder’s Chief Wizard & Master Technologist. His skills have continued to amaze me, since I met him, over 15 years ago, in Detroit.

He may be one of the smartest people I will ever meet. What is more important, however, is that he quickly resolves technical issues, and consistently pushes the envelope of what is possible – ensuring:

  1. the capable technical delivery of our customer’s website solutions, and,
  2. our professional managed hosting environment keeps client sites secure and running at the lightning fast speeds that have become legendary.

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